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Training Schedule

The Training Schedule page is designed to give you access to some of the local training resources. We have picked the best local coaches throughout the region and their schedules. Please note there may be charges with these sessions.

Peak Endurance

Peak Endurance Wanaka general schedule (Please note that it changes to meet the seasonal needs of our athletes).


Wed Run Group – periodised around summer racing Wednesdays 12 September – end March (to be confirmed). Contact


Sat Winter Run Clinic – Beginners 10 km – marathon 1st & 3rd Saturdays each till Queenstown Marathon event. Contact:


Strength & Range for triathletes/runners/cyclists Tuesday 6:30am; Tuesday 9:15am; Wednesday 7am; Wednesday 9:15am; Thursday 6:30am / Friday 6:30am; Friday 9:15am


Summer Tri Squad for Teenagers (14 – 18 yrs) Time & Date to be confirmed


Swim squads Tuesday 6:30pm / Thursday 8am / Thursday 9am / Thursday 6pm / Thursday 7pm Contact:


Distance Running for Teenagers (14 – 18 yrs) via Aspiring Athletics Club Thursday after school


Lactate Threshold Testing for accurate Heart Rate/Bike Power & Run Velocity Zones – Cyclists & Runners on enquiry


Swim, Run & Bike Individualised technique sessions on enquiry

Coaching to prepare for specific events on enquiry

The Fitter Network

The Fitter Network. TriWanaka members can contact me on to enquire about sessions



Intermediate to advanced Swimmers

Mon, Wed and Fri, 6.15am – 7.45am

Fri, 8am – 9.30am


Advanced Run Group (warm up pace at 5.00 / km)

Monday Drills, Strength and Hills

5.30pm -6.30pm



Swimming: Tuesday and Thursdays 7am – 8am

Running: Monday 3.30-4.15


Swim, bike, run individual and small group technique sessions as requested