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Swim/Run Series

TriWanaka Swim Run Series

Our Swim/Run Series is all about having a go…If you have contemplated triathlon, just want to see what it is all about and have a chat with others who do it, the Swim/Run Series is a great chance to do just this.

With different distances and options for all age groups, we will run a safe and friendly series that will leave you wanting more. The Swim Run Series will be held on Friday evenings at the Stoney Creek corner of Roys Bay on the recreation reserve in front of the car park.

Our Distances Are

Adults and U16’s: 800m swim, 3k run
Adults and U16’s: 800m swim only
Adults and U16’s: 400m swim, 2k run
Adults and U16’s: 400m swim only
Juniors U12: 200m swim, 1k run
Team entries also available.

Dates – opt to enter one race or a series

Race 1, Friday 30th November – Cancelled due to weather
Race 2, Friday 7th December – Results
Race 3, Friday 14th December – Results Juniors | U16/Adults
Race 4, Friday 11th January – Results
Race 5, Friday 18th January – Results
Race 6, Friday 25th January – Results
Race 7, Friday 1st February – Results
Race 8, Friday 8th February – Results

Online Registration and Entry Fees

Online registration is now open and will close at 2pm on the day of the race.

Late Registrations will be accepted on the night.


Entry fees Members Non Members
Junior U12 Individual $5 $10
Junior U12 Team $5 $10
U16 / Adult Individual $10 $20
U16 / Adult Team $12.50 $25

Series Discounts

  • Enter three events 10% discount
  • Enter four or five events 15% discount
  • Enter six, seven or eight events 20% discount

Not a member?

Registration Times

Online registration is open and will close at 2 pm on the day of each race.

Late Registrations will be available on the night at Event HQ at The Roys Bay Swim Area.

4.45pm – 5.15pm – Junior Registration

5.00pm – 5.45pm – U16 / Adult Registration

All pre-registered competitors will need to sign in at Registration and collect a timing chip and race number.

Event Start Times

17.30 – Junior U12 Individuals and Teams

18.00 – U16 / Adult Individual, Teams and Swim only

Race Briefings

Race Briefings are compulsory for all competitors and will take place 10 minutes prior to each respective start time at Event HQ Registration area.


Prize Giving

Prize giving will take place when the last competitor has finished the race. Approx 7.15pm.

Certificates will be awarded to all Junior U12’s for competing.

Adults and U16’s – the first three male and female competitors in Short (400m) race and Long (800m) race, to the first male and female only in the 400m and 800m swim only races and to the first team in the Short (400m) and Long (800m) races.

To be eligible for spot prizes participants must be present at the prize giving to claim their prize.

Swim Course

The Junior swim course will be a 200m course along the lake edge as marked, in water shallow enough for swimmers to stand up and take a rest if required, but deep enough to swim the distance.

The Adult and U16 swim course will be in fairly shallow water where the lake bottom is in sight at all times and will follow a 400m triangular course, starting and finishing at the same point.

The 400m swim course will be 1 lap, 800m swim course will be 2 laps.

Run Course

Competitors will exit transition, run over the bridge at Stoney Creek and along the millennium track with turning points at 500m, 1000m and 1500m for the 1k, 2k and 3k run. Returning over the bridge to the finish.

Swim Only

Swim only competitors in the 400m and 800m swim will exit the water and run directly over the finish line as directed by race marshalls.

Course Maps

Click here for a download of this page


Car Parking

Please park in the new car park at the bottom of McDougall Street.

This is a QLDC request as part of our event permit as the Roys Bay Swim Reserve Car Park is very busy with tourists and casual users. PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR EVENT SIGNAGE TO THE CAR PARK.


The nearest toilets are located at the new car park at the bottom of McDougal Street or in the Recreation Reserve at Wanaka Station Park.


Please make sure that anything rubbish is disposed of after in the rubbish bins provided at Event HQ.

Safety & Race Rules

Safety Guidelines
  • All participants are responsible for their own physical condition and should undertake the appropriate training in preparation for the event they have entered.
  • Participants enter at their own risk and are urged to have a medical check prior to entry.
  • A warning is given to all entrants that these events are challenging. Possible risks include (but are not limited to)—collision with a safety boat, paddle craft, MTB, vehicle, competitor, official, media, member of the public or object; hypothermia, drowning, heat exhaustion and dehydration.
  • It is important to note that, while every effort will be made to ensure a safe and fun event, the organiser and event officials are unable to guarantee competitors safety over the entire course.
  • All registered participants must be present at their relevant compulsory briefing ahead of their race start on race day.
  • Please give assistance to fellow competitors in need of help
  • In the event of witnessing an injury/accident during the event, please report this to one of the safety crew or marshalls on the water or on land as soon as possible.
  • If you decide to withdraw from the race for any reason, please alert the nearest race marshall and return your timing chip to the event timekeeping staff at the finish to indicate your withdrawal.
  • Entrants under the age of 15 years competing, in any event, must have a guardian present on race day who must have indicated/signed their consent when entering.
First Aid

In the unlikely event of an emergency, a first aider will be located at Event HQ Registration area.


Accident Reporting

In the unfortunate circumstances, a participant has an accident during the race – please (if you can) make your way to the nearest race marshal who will notify the first aid staff. If you are unable to make it to the nearest race marshall as a result of injury – please stay where you are and notify other participants of your iinjury, who will, in turn, notify our nearest race marshall.

Should another participant assist another injured runner; they are to take note of the time spent assisting the injured person and this time will be deducted from their overall time upon notification at the finish line.

Click here for Race Rules
Click here for Race Waiver