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Most kids love running, biking, and swimming. If you have never done a triathlon yourself, it is hard to know what to pack and what to wear. It seems simple enough. Run, bike, swim … or is it bike, swim, run? Remember to review the specific instructions on the Event Website so that you and your child feel prepared. The more you know ahead of time the more fun everyone will have. The Transition Area The transition area is where bikes are kept (sometimes on racks but generally on the ground in the young kids’ triathlons) that are organized by age/year group to minimize confusion and lost bikes. On race day, find your age/year group and then find your child’s numbered area within that and place the bike in this location. The transition area is also where they leave all their gear: bike, helmet, towel, running shoes (bike shoes as well for those that are using these with road bikes), socks, t-shirt, race number (if one required), and spare hat for the run. If leaving gear/clothing it could be a good idea if it is a very busy triathlon to put it in a numbered race bag and hang it from the handlebar of their bike. Having their gear numbered and clearly identified and

This one stop community expo is designed for the young, for the youth and for the post-youthful ! There will be 25 sporting clubs on display with interactive exhibitions & food stalls! Hosted by the Upper Clutha Sports Community this community event