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Health & Safety

Please read our Health & Safety policy below regarding all aspects of the clubs involvement in the sport of triathlon. If you have any questions and concerns do not hesitate to contact us.


TriWanaka will operate safely and meet the standards of relevant legislation and event management good practice guidelines.
All events will run against an approved traffic management plan organised by a STMS qualified official.


The club will maintain at least one active STMS official.
The club will maintain at least three active traffic controllers (TCs) that can be called upon to set up courses.
The club will train club members regularly, for STMS and TC qualifications with full costs reimbursed by the club, to ensure a consistent trained pool.


The club will hold safety equipment to meet STMS standards. If the club has insufficient equipment for an event, the deficit will be borrowed from the Hawke’s Bay Event Equipment Trust or will be hired, so that all events operate to the required standard.
The club will maintain a board presence on the Hawke’s Bay Event Equipment Trust.

Key Marshals

Sufficient marshals that hold key positions will be trained or accessed. Key positions include, transition director, run director, swim director and water safety marshals.

Promotion of safety messages

Race briefing will include all relevant safety messages to the triathletes.

Entry forms and or registration forms will state that competitors:
• Are responsible to attend race briefing;
• Or read the event safety messages displayed;
• Sign a waiver that they enter an event at their own risk.

There will be relevant links from the website to injury prevention websites.

Triathlete Health

The club membership form will require members to state health and medical conditions that may impact on them when racing. This information will be kept confidential to the development manager and committee members.

Safety Management Plans

For all of the TriWanaka events there will be a comprehensive safety management plan in place which will be reviewed on a regular basis by the development manager.

First Aid

A first aid kit will be kept stocked and will be available at all events.
The development Manager will be required to keep a current first aid certificate.

Accident Register

The club will hold an accident register with full details of accidents or near misses with outcomes along with any measures that have been put in place to avoid the incident in the future.