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This FAQ section has been kindly replicated from the Triathlon New Zealand website, the official governing body for triathlon in NZ.

What is an annual TRINZ membership?

An annual membership brings a participant into the community of TRIBE, supporting the sport and its development as well as benefits which include: sponsor discounts and offers, subscription to the fortnightly TRIBE newsletter, eligibility to race in National Championship events, ability to represent New Zealand at the Age Group World Championships, unlimited one day race licenses for NZ races that occur within the membership period

How much is the TRINZ annual membership?

For affiliated Tri NZ club and Tri NZ accredited coach-group members it is $25/year adult and $10/year youth (U16). If you are not a member of the above then it is $50/year adult and $20/year youth (U16). Family discounts apply where you get 15% off each member when you register more than 2 members (to a max of 6).

What is the annual membership period?

The membership period runs from November 1st to October 31st.

Please note: If you are a new member joining from June onwards you will get an extended membership period to cover until the following November.

Do I just need a TRIBE membership for racing at ITU World Champs?

Yes, you are also required to be a member of an affiliated club and be TRINZ affiliated member.

Does my membership (annual or one-day) include insurance in NZ?

Membership does not include any insurance i.e. personal liability, third-party damage, bike insurance etc., however in New Zealand, we have the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) which gives everyone in New Zealand comprehensive injury cover, this also extends to those racing in New Zealand who are international.

For more information visit the ACC website here.

Does my membership (annual or one-day) include insurance overseas?

Membership does not include any insurance  (personal liability, third-party damage, bike insurance etc.). However, you can purchase Tri Specific insurance to cover you while travelling overseas for only $20 per leisure day and $30 per competition day.

For more information, please email

What is a one-day race license?

A one-day race license allows an athlete to compete in those races that have licenses (Ironman, Challenge and POT Half) without needing to purchase an annual membership.

Should I join a Club or Triathlon New Zealand?

Joining a club such as TriWanaka is a great way to become part of your local triathlon community, with many clubs around NZ offering training sessions and local events.  It is recommended that you also join TRINZ to gain further benefits.

Please note: Club membership alone does not waive the one-day race license.

How are the TRINZ membership fees being used?

Membership fees (either one-day or annual) are used for the development and sustainability of the Triathlon New Zealand Community Programme.


This programme includes ensuring safe and fair events through:


  • Event Accreditation System
  • Coach accreditation pathway
  • Age Group programmes
  • National Championships
  • World Champs Qualification
  • Club development
  • Youth development
  • Paraathlete Support
Does my annual membership cover one-day race licenses overseas?

International Triathlon Governing bodies (such as Triathlon Australia) will only waive your one-day race license if you have BOTH a current membership with Triathlon New Zealand  AND insurance through our endorsed insurance provider.

For more information please email

I am from overseas and purchased a one-day race license for a race I am doing in NZ, does this include race-day insurance?

No, this does not include any insurance.  However, in New Zealand, we have the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) which will cover you for any accident you have while in New Zealand, including race day.

Please note this does not cover anything outside of what is deemed an accident to a person (e.g. illness) and does not cover any damages to other people or property related to your accident.  It only covers your treatment while in NZ and does not cover ongoing treatment in your place of residence, or your travel costs to return home after the accident.

For more information please visit the ACC website here.