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Club Supporters

We can’t do this by ourselves! Luckily we have had the tremendous support of the following good people who actively support the club and the community. Show your appreciation by using their products and services as much as you can.

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15% discount off all Triathlon related gear (excluding bikes) 15% discount off all Triathlon related gear (excluding bikes)

Fit Collective Wanaka Macpac Wanaka
20% OFF adult group session memberships

10% OFF Athlete Development and Speed Factory for kids


SPECIAL Tri Wanaka Memberships
Gym floor plus 1 group plus tri specific programme $25pw

Gym floor plus 2 groups plus tri specific programme $35pw

Talk to the team at the Fit Collective about getting a choosing the groups that will be the best fit for your triathlon goals and schedule. Options include strength, core, spin intervals, speed and functional training. TFC fit the programme to the people not the people to the programme.

A minimum 30% discount on Macpac branded products all year round.

Mediterranean Market Black Peak Cycles Wanaka Racks
Wholesale pricing on products storewide 20% discount on bike fits 15% off Rhino Rack Bike Racks